Restwell Keep

Legends claim that dwarven-built Restwell Keep has been the fortress of a hobgoblin king, the home of an infamous bandit lord, a linchpin garrison of fallen Nerath, and the lair of a dragon. Indeed, the keep has been all this and more. At present, it is a faint but steady light struggling against a growing darkness. Its intrepid folk are in constant danger from within and without.


Government: Not long ago, the Keep on the Borderlands was a freewheeling place with lax law enforcement. Lord Peridin Drysdale, paladin of Erathis, recently took command. More than a few residents, accustomed to the old regime, resent the paladin’s uncompromising push toward order and morality. As a result, Drysdale’s authority is weak in the outer bailey.

Defense: Mercenary guards watch the barracks, as well as the towers and gate of the outer bailey. Kendon Longstrider, a 60-year-old human veteran, is in charge.

Drysdale’s soldiers patrol the keep proper and the inner bailey. The lord has mandated that capable individuals serve as militia if the need arises.

Room and Board: The gruff and greedy Nerrin Silverhand runs the seamy Travelers Inn on Fountain Square. A private room (suitable for four occupants) runs 1 gp per night; a spot in the common room costs 1 sp. Nerrin doesn’t serve food or drink.

Victuals can be purchased from jolly Mother Aran of The Stumbling Giant, a fine tavern also on Fountain Square.

Temple: The local chapel (along the inner bailey wall) is open for worship of all accepted deities, but Avandra is esteemed above others. Chendera, the striking half-elf caretaker and priestess, is a devotee of the luck goddess. She spends much of her time mingling with folks in The Stumbling Giant. She counts among her friends the itinerant priest, Benwick.

Other Services: Local farmers and traveling merchants set up stands from time to time in the keep’s Fountain Square. Regular establishments include a general store, a bank, a smithy, a jeweler, and a mage’s guildhouse.

Restwell Keep

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