Raygun Lounge Keep on the Borderlands

Keep Away

Episode 7: The Second Gauntlet

Veronica as Euna Dunhall the Human Fighter
Anna as Zesvyrae Melduis the Drow Cleric
Bob as Malklyr the Drow Assassin
Robert as Grobash the Half-Orc Fighter
Casey as Caerwyn the Satyr Bard
Collin as Shoka Tanno the Jedi Padawan
Tim as DM

After a short rest, the adventures unlock and open the northern doors and proceed through the doors into the next chamber.

This chamber contains a shallow pool in its center. A blue glow issues from the water, shedding dim light over the room. Something sparkles in the pool’s far end.

Dwarven runes, similar to those in the last room, line the wall around the ledge. Two staircases ascend to the ledge.

At the far side of the room, they can see the top of another pair of stone doors.

The adventures enter slowly and cautiously. A quick check reveals that the pool exudes a faint magical aura and the runes on the ledge are also faintly magical, although their sole function is to provide light.

After spreading out a bit, Malklyr moves into the water to examine the sparkling object. Figures emerge from the walls. Four are stone humanoids fashioned to look like dwarf warriors with spiked fists. Another, upon the far ledge, looks like an oversized crossbow with legs.


Only Ashoka notices that a small winged creature, like a tiny devil, crawls out of a small hole in the wall. She keeps that information to herself to prevent the creature from suspecting she sees it.

The stonefist defenders damage the adventures while the arbalester shoots them from the far ledge and scuttles around.

Ashoka tries to make her way to the clay scout, but she is psychically blinded by the scout. As the heroes battle the defenders, Malkyr recovers the crystal key and suddenly all the creatures start to target him.

The clay scout proves to be difficult to destroy as it often redirects the attacks against it to another hero adjacent to it.

Malkyr is seriously damaged and tosses to key to the Drow Priestess. And the other heroes destroy the last of the guardians.

The heroes take a short rest then move on to the next chamber.



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