Raygun Lounge Keep on the Borderlands

Strong Fire

Episode 4: Into the Dragontooth

Veronica as Euna Dunhall the Human Fighter
Anna as Zesvyrae Melduis the Drow Cleric
Bob as Malklyr the Drow Assassin
Jacob as Aurochs the Minotaur Warden
Keith as Xian the Drow Archer.
Ed as Brandis the Human Mage.
Tim as DM

The adventures awaken early to clear skies and head northwest, away from the King’s Wall. The ominous wall of the Chaos Scar looms to the west, but they have another destination. Soon enough, a crooked, rocky hill comes into view. Their path leads against the current of a brisk stream, which they discover flows from a waterfall. The water spills out of the mouth of a dark, elevated cave in Dragontooth Hill. A short climb is required to get into the cave

The cliff is 20 feet high. Malklyr tries to climb up first and comes tumbling down.. Aurochs, on the other hand, soars up the cliff while carrying Zesvyrae. With the help of some rope, the rest of the party makes it up into the cavern.

Though the cave seemed dark from outside, a dim blue light pervades, issuing from an unknown source. A rope lies coiled to the east at the top of the cliff.

A second waterfall roars to the rear of the cavern. Water flows through the cave’s center where a few flat rocks protrude from it. Mixed with the scent of fresh water and earth is a slight odor of decay.

A short distance from the entrance, illuminated by the light from outside, a rope dangles from the ceiling. A piton holds it fast. The cavern’s denizens appear to use the rope to traverse the stream.

The adventures slowly make their way into the cavern before they are ambushed by some oozes and a kobold. After one volley from the Kobold, he begs them to leave him alone, which they do. The oozes prove to be little challenge and the cavern in cleared in a short time.

At the base of the next waterfall Malklyr spots something glittering at the base of the waterfall. Taking a chance, he dives to the bottom and find a magical armor and 70 gp worth of jewels and gems. He declares he’s keeping the armor and give his share of the rest of the treasure for the part to divide among themselves.

After a short rest, the adventurers scale the inner waterfall to continue. Like the outer cliff, the ledge is 20 feet high.

Flickering orange light illuminates the ledge from a carved archway to the east. Fires must illuminate the room there. Squeaking voices chatter beyond the doorway.

Over the sound of the waterfalls, the adventures can barely make out a few mundane phrases in Draconic. The voices sound like kobolds.

This cavern is walled and paved in cut s stone. Draconic runes are carved in the floor.

Four pillars surround a raised stone dais upon which a red runic symbol is carved. Small motes of fire dance on its arcane lines.

Past the symbol and pillars are two doorways; orange, flickering light shows through them. In between the doors, a huge platform for a lift bears a hand-operated crank. The far side of the lift opens to another area beyond it.

A few kobolds move about, involving themselves in various tasks. At their approach, their eyes go wide and they begin chattering in Draconic.

Kobold_Shaman.jpgEuna, who speaks Draconic, realizes that the wyrmpriest at the back of the cavern is chanting, “Ixenstrix!” It means “strong fire” and the adventures quickly learn what it means when the rune flashes widely and flames lash out from one of the fire places to burn them.

Brandis order the adventures to chant with him to wrist control of the rune away from the wyrmpriest. As both sides chant, they attack each other to whittle down the opponents. The kobolds are no match for the mighty adventures and their numbers are quickly lowered. Brandis finally takes control of the rune and the wyrmpriest, realizing things are going badly, orders one of the kobolds to escape up the stairs to warn “Moxulhar and the others” about the intruders.

The adventures finally kill the last of the kobolds and are left with the choice if they should go up by stairs or by the lift. Either way, the element of surprise has already been lost.



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