Raygun Lounge Keep on the Borderlands

Pressure Cooker

Episode 2: Bandits and Elementals

Pat as Mika the Human Wandslinger
Bob as Malklyr the Drow Assassin
Veronica as Euna Dunhall the Human Fighter
Anna as Carrigan the Human Paladin
Kirk as Heretus the Tiefling
Jacob as Aurochs the Minotaur Warden
Tim as DM

As they head back toward Restwell Keep, the afternoon grows late. The rain falls in heavy sheets, soaking you and Gordi. Over the course of the trip, Gordi becomes sicker, babbling incoherently between his heaving coughs.

The team tries to heal him (Heal check with a DC 15) but fail to improve his status. Had they been successful, Gordi would suggest that he be cloaked before entering the keep to avoid arousing undue suspicion. Instead the heroes notice quizzical looks from the gate guards and other citizens as they arrive under thunderous skies with an obviously sick man.

Benwick is happy to have Gordi back and takes some time to treat him in his residence in Fountain Square. The treatment goes well, but Gordi remains too ill to divulge any information. Benwick offers to pay for an early dinner at The Stumbling Giant.

To help essay any suspicion they may have roused with their return of Gordi, the party makes loud comments to be overheard by the townfolk, like, “Good thing we helped save that guy.”

In the boisterous atmosphere of the tavern, Benwick joins you, bringing ale with him. “You were truly sent from on high, friends. Gordi is recovering as we speak. Tomorrow, once this beastly weather passes, we can decide how to move against Ronnik. Enjoy tonight. I’ve paid for your rooms in the Travelers Inn next door. Rest well.”

His voice drops to a whisper. “I have secured the aid of a spy among Ronnik’s guards. Her name is Sal. She’s a human with blond hair and gray eyes. She’ll help us in what’s to come.” Benwick then stands up to leave.

While speaking with Benwick, Aurochs notices a suspicious halfling near the alehouse’s front door. The halfling has long, braided hair and nice leather armor. He seems interested in the adventurers’ meeting. Aurochs walks Benwick to the door, then doubles back and drops into the seat next to the halfling.

The halfling bolts out the door and runs through the rain a and down the wet street toward the keep’s fountain. The party quickly follows in pursuit. At the last possible moment, the halfling veers off to the side, leaving them exposed as several rough-looking individuals come out of the shadows. “They’re onto us,” cries the halfling. “Get ‘em!”

The goons and bandits are not match for the party and they are quickly dispatched by the heroes. Midway through the fight someone notices a human female watching the fight. She matches the description of Sal and does not stop the fight. As the fight winds down to a single goon, Sal steps out of the shadows and finishes him off.

Sal says she saw Ronnik enter the bank several hours ago and hasn’t seen him leave. She suggests the party wait and search his place when it gets dark. When questioned why Sal did not join them in the fight or warn them of the ambush, she answers that she couldn’t risk blowing her cover. She is well known in The Stumbling Giant, and she didn’t want to reveal her connection to Benwick and the adventures.

As they take a short rest ends, smoke starts to come out of a shuttered window of Ronnik’s bank.

The rain has slackened only slightly and the early evening remains gray. Smoke rises from Ronnik’s bank on the other side of the plaza. Flickering flames are visible through gaps in the shutters, and they can hear sinister, crackling laughter. Sal looks at the party anxiously and says, “Ronnik must have seen that his ambush failed and is trying to destroy evidence of his treachery. We must hurry!”

Sal leaves them there as she sprints around the block to watch the back. (DM: I added this to address Sal’s absence in the fight.)

Fire_Elemental.jpgThe windows are barred and the doors are locked. Aurochs bull rushes the door and breaks it down. Ronnik’s bank looks to be part comfortable home, part business. It’s furnished in a manner suitable for a successful merchant—a business counter divides the central hall. All very mundane…if it weren’t for the fiery humanoids capering through the place, and the watery humanoid, gurgling with mirth Behind the counter, a circle of arcane sigils glows blue, pulsing in time with the elementals, who seem fueled by its power. Two other objects, a brazier and a basin, also pulse in time with the circle.

(Attention players! Skill Challenge: requires 4 successes before 3 failures).
Primary Skills: Arcana, Athletics, Thievery. (DM: Or what ever they can RPG)

The adventures fight off the elementals and try to stop the magical fires. Mika drains off some of the magical energy (successful Arcana check). Someone else does a running slide into the brazier to knock it over (successful Athletics check) and it explodes and showers fire around it. The adventures successfully extinguish all the magical fires and destroy all the elementals.Water_Elemental.jpg

Sal returns and they search the building. They find the strongbox in the wall niche and it open and disheveled, but it still contains one red garnet (100gp), 200 sp, and a level 2 magical implement.

Inside the desk, they find singed papers, including a map of the keep’s environs. The map reveals a location called “Well Hideout,” where the adventures assume Ronnick has fled.

(DM Note: I combined the second and third chapter to shorten the season.)



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